Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Thru-Hiker Starts Restaurant in Tennessee

The article in the Ashland City (TN) Times by Matt Anderson on 8 January 2008 titled "‘Coffee Trail’ mixes organic, traditional fare" gives us a brief introduction to a local eatery called Coffee Trail. And the first sentence gives us an introduction to its owner/operator:
"Andrew Raby says he learned more during his hike from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail than all his years in college."
That's probably true for a lot of thru-hikers. But this one, and his wife Lisa, started a restaurant as a result.

There's supposed to be a "trail-themed menu" which includes a sandwich called "The Purist". I'm not sure but I'm thinking that the mozzarella on that item ought to be in the form of a six inch slab that looks like an Appalachian Trail blaze. Sound right to you?


Christi said...

I visited the Coffee Trail in December 2007. The biggest meal on the menu is, appropriately, the Thru Hiker. All the drinks are trail names of fellow hikers that Andrew "Nets" Raby met on his trip.

Andrew said...

Now that is the BEST feedback I have gotten to this point. Mozzarella in the shape of the A.T. Do you know where I could buy something like that?
The Store has been going almost 5 months now, and really gaining quite a following. One of our goals is to really promote the adventure side of life. We have a "Share Your Journey" wall in which people bring a picture and story of a significant journey in their life. I certainly don't want this to be solely an Appalachian themed store. Every Adventure is encouraged. There is a local "Rails to Trails" walking path and we hope to inspire the locals to take advantage of the beauty that is right in there back yard.