Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gwenyth Loose Receives Grant for Hiking and Book

The Central Penn Business Journal of 15 January 2008 has a story by David Dagan titled "Grants fund personal projects for nonprofit leaders" that is of interest. It includes the note that
"The York County Community Foundation awarded each of the six leaders a $6,000 grant through the York Federal Fellows Program in Nonprofit Community Leadership. The program, launched two years ago, is named for the former York Federal Savings and Loan Association."
Among the winners:
"York County Rail Trail Authority project coordinator Gwenyth Loose will write a book featuring women leaders in the Appalachian Trail community and spend time on the trail, according to the foundation."
Such a deal! There is a link to the Foundation's web site that has a little more information about this project. So ... keep your eyes open for the book.

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