Monday, January 07, 2008

Hikers and Hoteliers

The report on the Portland, ME WCSH television station web site titled "Millinocket Businesses See White Gold In Early Snow" and posted by Sarah Delage on 5 January 2008 mentions two Appalachian Trail hikers who made it to Millinocket and settled down:
"Paul and Jaime Renaud hiked to Millinocket and never turned back.

"'We actually hiked into this community on the Appalachian Trail,' Jaime said. 'So it was kind of at the end of our adventure, and it was: "What do we do next?"

"What they did next was buy a cafe and lodge named after the trail that brought them to Millinocket. They saw the potential in this former mill town."
So, there you are! The report doesn't go into any more detail about the business name or location or when the Renauds were on the Trail, so this is the best I can do toward boosting their business.

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