Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Redford Does Bryson

The media-serving blogs are carrying the "news" that Robert Rrdfors is heading to the woods to make a film version of Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods. Some of the more traditional media (i.e., newspapers) are also carrying storied about the project.

There's a 29 January 2008 Reuters news story by Borys Kit titled "Redford, Levinson hit 'Walk' trail." This story says that the Appalachian Trail film may not actually be Redford's next movie, but that Barry Levinson
"is in discussions to direct the long-gestating project, which at one time was being eyed as a Redford-Paul Newman reunion. Levinson's involvement would be a leap forward for the project. Redford plans to star and produce."
So, I guess that means Newman is out and we won't be reading about 'Butch and Sundance on the Trail.'

Jane Ivory has a similar story on a website called titled "Robert Redford Heads for the Woods". She refers to a phone interview Redford did with Associated Press.

A site called Monsters and Critics (or M&C) has a very brief blurb it titles "Redford to film A Walk in the Woods" on 29 January 2008.

And an even shorter note appears in the Orlando Sentinel on 29 January 2008 titled "Channing Tatum signs up with GI Joe, Julianne seeks Shelter, A Walk in the Woods for Redford, Levinson" It includes the thought "Better do it quick before developers take the last of the woods."

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