Monday, January 14, 2008

Emerson-Related Articles from Atlanta

A website titled "The Sunday Paper: All You Need to Know" and, apparently, coming to us from Atlanta, GA, has three related articles in it all dated 13 January 2008. When I came across them, they were all on the same page.

The first is by Colby Dunn titled "The strange disappearance of Cayle Bywater". Bywater "disappeared just days before Meredith Emerson was reported missing." She was last seen in a local Athens, GA city park, also had a dog, and seems to have disappeared without a trace, leaving her apartment door open (or someone else left it open, perhaps).

Right under that there's an article by Josh Clark titled "Every family’s nightmare: The resolution of the Meredith Emerson case". It retells the whole story, as we know it, of Meredith's disappearance, murder, and discovery.

Then there's some background about Gary Michael Hilton in Stephanie Ramage's article "4169 Clairmont Road; Was Gary Michael Hilton really a “drifter”?" For this article Ramage visited the address Hilton gave when arrested. She spoke to a neighbor about Hilton. A police spokesman told her that "'It has no bearing whatsoever on the case or the investigations,' ... 'None whatsoever. It was just an address he gave where he could pick up his mail'."

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