Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Black Nubble Rejected

Glenn Adams, an Associated Press writer in the 14 January 2008 Boston Globe describes the split decision in Maine under the headline "Regulators OK Kibby wind plan, reject Black Nubble".

A key paragraph about the difference is this one:
"The Land Use Regulation Commission voted to allow a 44-turbine project near the Canadian border in Franklin County, saying TransCanada Maine Wind Development's application answered its concerns that roads be built properly, and birds and bats be protected."
The other site, the one called Black Nubble, is the revised plan for the one that sits so close to the Appalachian Trail and was rejected a year ago. And, of course, people on both sides still disagree with each other about whether this decision was a good one. Stay tuned for appeals and revisions.

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Bubba said...

There are Ranger towers cell phone towers and FAA towers, radar towers, telephone towers and power towers on the AT. The heights are a natural for wind power generation, perhaps their appearances near the trail are inevitable. Oil isn't getting any cheaper, neither is coal, and wind energy is a whole lot cleaner, if less dependable.
I walked six hundred miles of the AT this last year and saw no windmills. Sooner or later, they will come.