Monday, January 14, 2008

2006 Thru-Hikers Tara & Tony Janisch Talk

The Chicago Sun-Times of 13 January 2008 carries an article titled "Trail adventure a marriage of dreams, perseverance" and written by staff writer Steve Metsch. It records the 2006 thru-hike by Tara and Tony Janisch. And describes their talk about the hike given at the Thorn Creek Nature Center in Park Forest, IL on the 11th..

Tara, soon to be a full-time naturalist at the Center was the one whose dream was to thru-hike. Tony, apparently, had to be talked into doing it. They
"both quit their jobs with the Will County Forest Preserve to hike. They lost dozens of pounds. Tara and Tony went through three and four pairs of boots, respectively. They spent more than $14,000, and they got married at the halfway point."
Oh, and he got Lyme disease, while she dislocated a hip in New York (but didn't realize it until leter). Sounds like they give a nice talk, though.

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