Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meredith Emerson Articles

In the wake of the discovery of Meredith Hope Emerson's body, there have been a number of articles published with further news of details. I'm certain that the ones I have gathered are not all of them, but they might lead interested readers to other news sources.

Mark E.P. Woods writes under the headline "Volunteer shares mixed emotions in missing hiker case" in the 9 January 2008 Atlanta Journal-Constitution about his experiences as a volunteer searcher on 3 January. An experienced hiker (and section hiker of the AT) with a background as an emergency medical technician and with proper equipment/clothing, he was welcomed. Woods wonders whether there couldn't be a more natural relationship between the hiking clubs and the law enforcement agencies next time the news breaks that "'One of Us' was missing...".

An unsigned article at titled "Suspect in Georgia hiker's death could be connected to similar crime near Tri-Cities region" speculates on the possible connection to the murder of Irene Bryant and disappearance of her husband John Bryant in North Carolina. (" is operated by Media General's Interactive Media Division (IMD) in partnership with WJHL-TV and the Bristol Herald Courier.") The article also reiterates some standard safety tips.

The Longmont (CO) Times-Call printed the Associated Press article by Daniel Yee titled "Man questioned in hiker search; Longmont native’s dog wanders into Ga. store" on 5 January 2008. Meredith was originally from Longmont, Colorado.

Dorie Turner's Associated Press article appears in the San Jose Mercury News on 7 January 2008 under the headline "Georgia hiker died of blow to the head" and details the cause of death, the arrangements that Meredith's accused murderer to lead authorities to her body, and suggests connections (through Hilton) to the Bryant murder(s) in North Carolina and the Dunlap murder in Florida.

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