Monday, January 07, 2008

Hiker Meredith Emerson Dead

Just before 9:00 pm tonight, officials in Georgia announced that the body of hiker Meredith Hope Emerson had been found. This, according to an article on the USA Today web site under the headline "Body of missing Ga. hiker found" datelined Blairsville, Georgia.

Jeffrey Scott and George Chidi in the Atlanta Journal-constitution report the same sad news under the headline "Body of missing Buford hiker found".

The USA Today article mentions the possible connection with the case of the John and Irene Bryant in North Carolina.

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Anonymous said...

I am deeply saddened by this whole situation for many reasons. The Forest, God's Paradise, being used as a lure, something not new, but always sad.
Was it that as soon as she parked her car, she was doomed? Was it that physchological? Society must lawfully express its disappointment and sorrow about this. And let our lawmakers know that our society stands firmly against this type of behavior. I think our country has seen plenty in Iraq.