Wednesday, January 23, 2008

High Adventure - Low Risk - Make Your Choices

The Times of Trenton (NJ) has a 22 January 2008 article by N.J. DeVico titled "Despite isolated tragedy, lone hikers have little to fear on the trail." Actually, it's more of a personal opinion piece.

She writes that a friend sent her an article about Meredith Emerson's murder "in case you went back on the trail. Do you want to do something that has very low risk but a very high cost if it happened?"

DeVico writes
"I hiked 1,500 miles of the AT and was alone most of the time be cause I was so slow that I couldn't keep up with anyone. I didn't always make it to a shelter before dark or before I was exhausted, so I just set up camp when I found a flat spot. I was alone many nights.

"Was I scared? The first time I did it, yes. Maybe spooked is a better word. It's dark out there. But I was more concerned with bears than people."
She also includes some safety words of wisdom from Laurie Potteiger at ATC headquarters in Harpers Ferry.

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