Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hopeful Maine Hikers

Emmet Meara's lifestyle column in the Bangor Daily News of 29 December 2007 is titled "Emmet Meara: Writer's own 'bucket list' can barely hold water." Meara writes about trying to write a 'bucket list' (after the recent movie with its list of things to do before one 'kicks the bucket').

Somewhere in the middle of the column, Meara writes:
"Naturally, every male (I don’t know about women) in Maine dreams about walking the Appalachian Trail, at least when no erotic dreams about Keira Knightley are available. But wait. I can barely walk downtown (and back) these days. That trail looks like months of agony, at least at the pace I would set. Maybe I will drive the Appalachian Trail. I have a four-wheel-drive truck, you know."
But that begs the question of whether these hopeful hikers want to go southbound and leave Maine, or whether they'll want to start in Georgia and hike homeward.

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