Monday, January 21, 2008

Abingdon, Virginia Profiled

I'm not sure how far off the Appalachian Trail a place can be and still be called a "trail town". If it's about 15 miles, then Abingdon qualifies.

Abingdon is profiled in the Louisville, KY Courier-Journal in an article by Cathy Summerlin titled "Enjoy life your way in historic Abingdon, Va.; Hike, see a play, visit The Martha" on 20 January 2008. The Trail is mentioned here:
"Then there's the 34-mile Virginia Creeper Trail, a rails-to-trails conversion at the western edge of the mountains. The trail crosses the Appalachian Trail about 15 miles east of Abingdon and enters Mount Rogers National Recreation Area farther east."
Sounds like there's a good bit to do and see in the area.

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