Sunday, July 29, 2007

Miss Janet's Closed ... For Now

The 28 July 2007 issue of the Erwin Record brings news that "'Miss Janet' to close popular hostel; Appalachian Trail hikers enjoyed stays at Erwin home" in the article by David Thometz. Actually, the article says Miss Janet closed up "last week."

But all is not lost. She's got plans for a bigger and better "Erwin Hiking Center."
"She said the new center’s mission would be 'to provide a unique facility and program that will be a model for sustainable tourism as related to hiking, backpacking and camping activities as well as outdoor education.'

"While plans are still being developed, Hensley said she hopes the center will encompass services and accommodations of long-distance hikers as well as provide educational direction and support for agritourism by providing such resources as workshops and classes in a retreat setting."
Miss Janet hopes to have the new place open by March 2008. Sounds exciting.


Bubba said...

Ms Janet Ms Janet Ms Janet! I stayed a week at Ms. Janet's and, sure I had fun, it was nice, nice family, but come on! Her closing down until next year is not a national tragedy! What makes her so special? OK, she watches out for us hard core thru-hikers, especially when conditions are dangerous. (OK, so maybe she is the only one who really cares.) Was it the Ms. Janet experience? Well, I didn't see anybody drinkin' like at some other places. She's got her ear to the ground and weeds out the undesirables! OK, well she missed me, so it's not completely effective yet. Maybe it's her love of the trail? Maybe it's all the podcasts she's starred in, more than any other "trail legend"? She personally keeps some of those restaurants in business busing in hikers every day. It could be the backyard spaghetti dinners? Whatever it is, she sure has a way with tired heels and souls.

widowmaker said...

Ms janet you will be missed.
you saved me from a snow storm and taught me to love biscuits and gravy. not to mention letting me cook once again for a group of 70 some hikers at the easter dinner. my buddy pigpen from 2003 told me i had to stop at your place no matter what, im glad he did. you made your home feel like it was mine. Thanks ms janet the next generation wont know what they are missing.

Widowmaker 2007