Wednesday, July 25, 2007

East from Indiana

I don't really 'get' this, but here it is anyway: The Journal & Courier newspaper from Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana has a story in its 22 July 2007 issue titled "Joshua Gregory's journal — walking to The Appalachian Trail." It's by Joshua Gregory.

It seems to be the first two weeks (only) of a daily journal documenting Gregory's walking in the general direction of the Appalachian Trail (that is, east) from his home in Indiana.

In the introduction to the whole thing he writes
"Well, I can't say it was the best idea for a long-term vacation, but it will definitely be one that I will never forget.

"My plan was to hike out to the north end of the Appalachian Trail, thru-hike it north to south, and then just keep going south as long as my legs, my money, and God's grace let me go. If I made it all the way around the world, that was great, if I made it one mile, that was okay too."
At the end of what I have on my screen from his 'trail journal,' Gregory is "less than a day's walk from crossing into Ohio" after walking for 14 days. Is there more to come? I don't know.

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