Friday, July 06, 2007

Franklin Search & Rescue Trailside

The Morning Sentinel from central Maine has a 2 July 2007 article by Betty Jespersen titled "Franklin Search & Rescue expanding" that mentions the Appalachian Trail. The article opens with:
"When an experienced winter hiker fell on ice-covered rocks and broke his leg on the Appalachian Trail near Stratton, he spent the night on the slope of the 3,200-foot Cranberry Mountain in zero-degree weather -- warm, stabilized and secure with a group of wilderness rescuers.

"It took the rescue team about three hours to reach the hiker, climbing up extremely steep, icy terrain that a warden at the time said was one of the worst spots on the Appalachian Trail

"The rescuers were men and women firefighters, emergency medical personnel from NorthStar Ambulance and members of Franklin Search & Rescue."
And then continues with a description of this volunteer rescue team's certification, its needs for more members, and the reasons for the need: more use of the backcountry.
"Day hikers and through hikers on the Appalachian Trail, hunters, ice and rock climbers, and extreme sports enthusiasts have all contributed to the increased number of backcountry incidents."
The rescue unit was only formed 3 years ago and already has a history of helping A.T. hikers and others in need. They're good people. Even if you hope never to have to meet them when they're working!

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