Sunday, July 08, 2007

Four Days in Maine

The Bangor Daily News of 7 July 2007 has an article by Brad Viles titled "Summer in Maine: It's a hike". Viles, a trail maintainer with the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, describes four days he spent in the woods on and near the Appalachian Trail. For those thru-hikers who blast through northern Maine headed for Katahdin, it might be interesting to read about a guy who can spend a day working on 'his' stretch of Trail and then say
"After a tailgate supper of salad and steak cooked on my backpacking stove, I was ready to lay back, relax and make a plan for Sunday. I finally figured out a place to go. I always liked this spot in the "hundred mile wilderness" north of Monson on the AT, Nahmakanta Lake. It’s located about 35 miles by trail from Katahdin, but there’s road access to the Maine Public Land Unit of 43,000 acres, so that’s where I would head. I curled up under the cap in the back of the truck at the trailhead and spent the night."
It seems a little relaxed...'oh, what the heck, why not go the the 100 mile wilderness for the night?'

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