Friday, July 06, 2007

Indiana' s Christensen Flip-flops

"A New Start on the Trail" is the title of the article by William Fouts in the Noblesville (IN) Daily Times that updates readers on the progress of Vinona Christensen's thru-hike attempt. As Fouts writes,
"The physical, mental and emotional strain of hiking the Appalachian Trail took its toll on Vinona Christensen. After covering approximately 771 miles of the 2,175-mile trail, the 49-year-old adventure traveler could take no more."
So she took off two weeks to recuperate and evaluate.

And decided to flip-flop to Kathadin and then hike south to Glasgow, VA. She admits that going SO-BO might be harder, but she'll get to greet all her NO-BO buddies when they pass each other.

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