Friday, January 13, 2012

Thru-Hikers Logan Sampson and Adrian Jaques

Steve Cartwright profiles A.T. Thru-hiker Logan Sampson under the headline "Play music, hike, live with passion" in the 12 January 2012 Waldo Village Soup out of Waldo, Maine.
Logan is about to set off on a two-month winter hike of the 273-mile Long Trail in Vermont, with a friend. And that’s just a couple of months after hiking the entire Appalachian Trail with a different friend, all 2,181 miles of it, from the summit of Mount Katahdin to Springer Mountain, Georgia.
Only days after graduating from Camden Hills Regional High School, Sampson and classmate Adrian Jaques, of Hope, set off from Katahdin on June 15, 2011. They reached Springer on 11 November. How long will it be before he heads to the PCT with another friend?

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