Sunday, January 22, 2012

Huge Power Line Towers Proposed for Water Gap

OK, thanks to David Pierce of the Pocono Record writing under headline "Power companies offer to trade with park service for power line" on 21 January 2012, here are some specifics on the plan to run power lines through the Delaware Water Gap:
The line would cross federal lands in an existing utility right of way predating the park, though current 95-foot-high transmission towers would expand to 195 feet. The right of way might be widened from 100 feet to 300 feet. Lines supplying 500 kilovolts of power would be added to the existing 230-kilovolt line.

Opponents fear the taller towers will mar the scenic view, detracting from the park experience, and result in herbicide use that would pollute the environment.
The "National Park Service has the final say on whether the line can cross the park and the Appalachian Trail" and (according to a power company spokesperson) the land deal is "actually contingent on the park service choosing the route we proposed" so they say specifying what land they might buy for the Park Service is therefore "premature."

Oh, yeah, the power company
concedes the power project route will impact the park, but says additional land purchases present new opportunities to enjoy the natural environment.
How can towers some 10 stories higher and a right of way 3 times as wide NOT affect the Trail? Three hundred feet wide is a football field's length, for crying out loud.

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