Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cool Damascus Virginia

The Tri-Cities.com site carries the 16 January 2012 story titled "Damascus among 10 coolest towns in America". The top ten list is being put together by online voting sponsored by Budget Travel Magazine, with final results not to be published until the September/October issue.

The Damascus -- A.T. connection is highlighted:
Damascus is a one-time logging town on the Virginia-Tennessee border, nestled between swaths of national forest and reborn in the last decade as a home to Appalachian Trail through-hikers and Virginia Creeper Trail bicyclists.

With the Appalachian Trail running through the middle of town, Damascus plays host every year to the Trail Days festival, huge weekend gathering focused on hikers.
Very interestingly, too, one resident is quoted as saying that "We don’t want to be too discovered" and lose their small town appeal.

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