Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Decommissioned Fire Tower Near AT

Elizabethton, Tennessee's "Elizabethton Star" has a 9 January 2012 article by Robert Sorrell titled "Decommissioned fire tower great for winter hike, views".

"The steel fire tower at Holston High Knob, the mountain’s third highest point, was last staffed in 1991. It stands at 4,136 feet above sea level in the Cherokee National Forest [or about 150 feet lower than the FAA beacon]." While access to the tower is blocked by the Forest Service, and reportedly quite dangerous, people are said to climb it.

"The fire tower on Holston Mountain has been listed in the National Historic Lookout Register." (I've never heard of such a register. See what you can learn reading the newspapers?)

"Visitors may also access the tower from the Appalachian Trail. Take the Appalachian Trail from Cross Mountain to the Double Springs Shelter, where it intersects the Holston Mountain Trail. It is a fairly lengthy hike, about 12 miles long, but is popular among area hikers."


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