Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Indiana Hiker Becomes Musher

The 17 January 2012 Crawfordsville, Indiana Journal-Review online version carries a story by Andy Barrand titled "Dashin’ Through the Snow: Former musher gives presentation at CDPL" in which he describes a presentation at the public library about dog-sledding the Iditarod by 3-time musher Karen Land.
After college Land was looking for an adventure, so she hiked the Appalachian Trail with Kirby [her dog] by her side. While on that hike she picked up the book “Winter Dance” at a library along the way. The book was about Gary Paulsen’s rookie run at the Iditarod.
So a thru-hiker from the 1990s, I'm guessing, becomes a musher. Wonder which of the kids listening to her talk got inspired to do what.

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