Friday, January 13, 2012

Alabama Hiking Trail Society to Meet

Alabama trail news includes the following from the Shelby County Reporter of 12 January 2012 with the headline "4-H Center to host statewide Alabama Hiking Trail Society conference".

One of the speakers at the Alabama Hiking Society meeting 9-11 March 2012 will be keynoter "Michael Leonard, founder of the Alabama Trails Association and the man who led efforts to connect Alabama’s Pinhoti Trail to the Appalachian Trail in Georgia."

Another speaker will be
Tom Cosby with the Alabama Appalachian Trail Initiative [who] will speak about efforts to bring the southern trailhead of the Appalachian Trail to Alabama.

“That has been a source of a lot of talk amongst hikers and it literally takes an act of Congress to be done,” Cuhaj said.
I guess I've had my head in my boots, because I can't recall hearing anything about this effort to extend the southern end of the Trail to Alabama. AL-ME? ME-AL?

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