Sunday, January 01, 2012

"On the Trail Again"

Yep. It's been two years since I posted here. I blame it on a lack of high speed internet connection in the neighborhood where we lived the last couple years. Now, in a new house, in a new year, we're connected to the digital universe again. And I made a New Year's resolution to try to post AT news here as I come across it.

There have been a few reader comments from time to time, so I know that once in a while someone has stumbled across this blog. The comments I've gotten have been positive, and that makes me think that it's worth continuing. So the same ground rules apply: I find AT-related news stories; I post a link that's working when I post it, but may go 'bad' before you try to click on it; I try to give the gist of the story; I include a quote or two; and I often make some comments and remarks about the story. That's it.

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