Monday, January 23, 2012

Family Aims to Thru-Hike This Year

The web site of channel 18 in West Lafayette, Indiana has a news story about another family intent on hiking the Trail. It was published on 22 January 2012 and updated on 24 January. The headline is simply "Family to hike Appalachian Trail."
The Rainwaters will begin hiking on March 13, and plan to finish the trail on September 26. That also happens to be Dean and Lisa's 15th wedding anniversary.
The family includes
The Rainwater's fifteen-year-old son, Forest, [who] is working hard to finish his homeschooling before the family sets out on their adventure. Their youngest son, River, will have to find time in the long days of hiking to study. The family said hitting the books on the trail will be worth it in the end.
Someone in my household just suggested to me that the boys might get trail names like "Fred" or "Donald" while they're out hiking.

The family has, of course, a web site:

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