Friday, August 17, 2007

Story Behind the Long Trail Festival

Brent Curtis of the Rutland (VT) Herald has a 16 August 2007 article titled "Long Trail Festival a team effort" in that paper. It describes the hard work put into creating this weekend's festival by its originator (and Appalachian Trail thru-hiker) Wayne Krevetski and his wife Kathy.

They are both "avid hikers" and are consciously patterning their hopes for the Long Trail Festival on Trail Days in Damascus, VA. In the words of the article, they
"want the Long Trail Festival to function like the annual Trail Days festival in Damascus, Va. Hikers from all over the country come to that town, where the Appalachian Trail runs down Main Street and eight other trails converge, for the 30-year-old festival.

"Krevetski said he and his wife want the Long Trail Festival in Rutland to become a similar destination spot for hikers walking the Appalachian and Long trails in the Northeast."
They had a lot of local support and help in pulling the Festival together. Best of luck with it!

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