Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Adkins Checks In

Leonard Adkins has checked in at the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail with an article titled "Bugs of north no match for this hiker" written from Vermont, and printed in the 31 July 2007 issue. Adkins, his wife Laurie, and their dog are making their umpteenth hike of the A.T. this summer. They started in the south, going intentionally slower than usual; then skipped up north; and will flip-flop back southbound to finish up later on.

Adkins writes this time about the awful mosquitoes and deer flies of Massachusetts. And the record heat. And the 8 days in a row where it rained at least some of the time each day.

AND about some trail magic that was much welcomed. Compare and contrast this with the trail magic recounted in the Waynesboro, PA newspaper's 3 part series on trail magic. This is the type where someone lets you sleep in a shed to keep you separated from the mosquitoes. Or where
"One family had even set up a small roadside refreshment stand, complete with a 25-gallon jug of ice water (most appreciated on a 95-degree day), homemade cookies and energy bars."
So very appreciated on a very hot, humid, and sunny day.

Adkins's closing thought is that of many of us hiker types: "Amidst the greens and the blues of the forest is where I belong and am at the height of my contentment with life."

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