Sunday, August 26, 2007

Energy Bars Post Noted

This isn't really about the Trail, but I found interesting a blog post on the Green Options blog, put up there by Kelli Best-Oliver on 25 August 2007. It's titled "Weekend Review: Matisse & Jack's Bake-At-Home Energy Bars."

The writer mentions that she and her husband had been
"backpacking on the Appalachian Trail for ten days this summer, and we started off eating various energy bars because they were light and provided quick energy. However, we quickly grew tired of convincing ourselves that we actually liked eating them."
Then the post goes on to give a review of this new bake-your-own-energy-bar product. Call me old-fashioned, but couldn't you achieve the same effect (avoiding pre-packaged, cardboard-flavored energy bars) by baking your own bars from scratch using, say, recipes from the Lipsmackin', Backpackin' cookbooks by Conners and Conners?

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KBO said...

Hey, I wrote that article! I'm a big fan of the Lipsmackin' books (the vegetarian one was our bible when planning our dinners for our AT trip this year).

However, unless you're a backpacker, you might not think to make your own bars, or might doubt how good they could be. The bars I reviewed are a safe bet for anyone (not just backpackers) looking for more-sustainable energy bars. Obviously, backpackers are ahead of the curb when it comes to reducing waste--we don't want to carry it.

Anyway--just wanted to throw in my two cents about the aim of the article. Great site. I added a bookmark.