Sunday, August 19, 2007

Southbound Hiker on Prosthetics

Linda Rathke writes an Associated Press article in the Boston Globe of 17 August 2007 under the headline "Disabled hiker attempts Appalachian Trail." It's an account of the southbound thru-hike attempt started by Todd Murphy on 3 June.

Murphy, "who lost his lower legs due to a birth defect," has been hiking 12-19 miles a day on a pair of prosthetic legs that were specially designed for the trip. He aims to be back in his Florida home by Thanksgiving. He's past Vermont at this writing, his online trail journal recording his arrival in Massachusetts on the 16th.

The trail journal is at

(article also appears in the Bradenton (FL) Herald on 17 August 2007)

(and in the Sarasota Herald Tribune on 18 August 2007)

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