Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Former Thru-hiker Now a Cross Country Biker

Staunton, Virginia's News Leader has an article in its 31 July 2007 issue by Chris Lassiter that chronicles the cross country bicycle adventure of Tammy Johnston. The article is titled "Area bicyclist takes journey to San Francisco." Starting 8 June and finishing 17 July, the nearly 4,000 mile trip carried Johnston "the equivalent of driving from Staunton to Charlottesville's Fashion Square Mall and back 47 times." (By the way, how many laps around the mall-walk route is an Appalachian Trail hike worth?)

Which brings us to the connection: Johnston is a former AT thru-hiker.
"When Johnston hiked the Appalachian Trail, Gordon wouldn't hear from his wife for days at a time. Although accessing phones is easier on the bike trail, that doesn't mean the husband worried any less."
The article doesn't say when she hiked. Besides, toward the end it says that "Although she preferred the cross-country bike trip to hiking the Appalachian Trail, she's in no rush to do it again."

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