Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cooperating at Producing Sweat Equity

Neil Harvey's article "It takes a band to blaze a trail; The Appalachian Trail relies on dogged volunteers" in the 7 August 2007 issue of the Roanoke Times describes the work of the maintainers put on the Trail by the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club and the Konnarock Trail Crew.
"They're working [together this summer] to relocate and upgrade a half-mile stretch of trail called Angel's Gap, at the north end of Tinker Mountain, just north of Tinker Cliffs."
It's a really fine article that focuses on the diversity of the workers and the cooperation between the locals and the Konnarock Crew.

The only troubling part to me is that the Virginia Tech math professor, who has been the club's trail supervisor for years, says "'We got 10 or a dozen rock steps done today and we've got four or five more to go tomorrow.'" and I had always thought math was more exact that that.

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