Monday, March 05, 2007

Hiking Mishaps Recollected

In the 2 March 2007 issue of the Watertown TAB & Press, from Needham, MA, Kenneth Mirvis writes in his column about a proposal to make Wednesdays walking days for the folks associated with the Lowell School.

In supporting the idea of walking for health, recreation, and sanity, he recounts that "Recently, I reconnected with some of the guys from my Boy Scout troop. We’ve recollected a couple of hiking disasters along the Appalachian Trail in Georgia from 40-something years ago. One had to do with ice; on the other, we lost the trail and spent a day or so wandering through the mountains with a few compasses and a topographic map. Fortunately, we were still young and stupid enough to have had a great time! Today, we are planning a third shot at the same stretch of trail, this time with spouses and kids."

Nice idea. The hiking it again part, not the wandering lost part. Also the Walking Wednesdays part.

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