Monday, March 05, 2007

Bike Path Also Like the AT

I've heard this one before, but the Journal News from the lower Hudson River valley (as in Yonkers and thereabouts) published an article on 5 March 2007, written by Ken Valenti under the headline "East Coast greenway bike path takes two routes through Westchester."

It's about the bicycle greenway trail being built/linked up and down the entire eastern seaboard. Here's the part I've heard before:

"Envisioned as an 'urban sister' to the hikers' Appalachian Trail, the East Coast Greenway is designed to link downtowns and encourage local cycling as much as offering a challenge for adventurous pedalers who brave the entire route."

There's that 'gold standard' again.

I'm also waiting for the first hikers to say that they walked the 3,000 mile length of the thing. My guess is that it'll happen sometime before the Greenway is actually and officially completed end-to-end.

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