Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crime Novel Set Near A.T.

Came across a review of the new novel Bone Yard by Michelle Gagnon. The review is written by Maryann Miller on the Blogger News Network as of 11 March 2008. Here's what you need to know:
"It started out decent enough with a prologue that introduces the “Bone Yard,” which is the professional name for the place where serial killers dump their bodies. A hiker is confronted by a bear that has a branch in its mouth, only the branch turns out to be a human leg bone."
That hiker would have been on the A.T. somewhere near the Vermont/Massachusetts border. Unfortunately, the reviewer really dumps on the writing [UPDATE: ...but see comments]. Bone Yard is published by Mira Books; release date given as July 2008.


Kate said...

Just came across your BONEYARD post and as the author couldn't resist commenting. Sadly Maryann didn't enjoy the book, but fortunately many others have so far. And as you noted, the hiker had just crossed the border, the bone drop was right by the 1.3 mile marker for Pine Cobble Trail. A lot of hostels and outfitters along the trail have generously agreed to carry the book and provide the first few chapters to anyone interested; I'll have a list of these posted on my website soon, And I solemnly swear that no actual AT hikers are harmed over the course of the novel!

Michelle Gagnon said...

Saw this post and as the author, I couldn't resist commenting. Yes, BONEYARD opens with a hiker crossing the border from MA into VT and encountering a bear...but I swear, no AT hikers are harmed in the course of the story. Sadly, Maryann didn't enjoy it (although I strongly suspect that has more to do with personal reasons) but plenty of other people have, including NY Times bestselling authors Douglas Preston and Jeffery Deaver. And many outfitters and hostels along the trail have generously agreed to provide both chapbooks (the first few chapters of the book) and the paperback for sale. I'll post a list of these on my site soon ( So pick one up if you get a chance, and happy hiking!
Michelle Gagnon

mfritzcope said...

Came across this review, too...definitely a more positive one.