Monday, March 03, 2008

Thru-hiker from Alabama Now on Sled Dogs

Detroit Free Press columnist Susan Ager wrote about sled dog adventures in the 2 March 2008 issue under the headline "Magic in the north woods; 25-mile dog sled adventure is the thrill of a lifetime." Not normally something that rates mention in this blog.

But wait! She mentions "Our guide, Bouie Stewart, a 24-year-old from Alabama" and then later writes
"Bouie (rhymes with Louie) is one of 10 children. 'I grew up outside,' he told us, 'always dirty.' He majored in outdoors education and has guided tourists at river rafting, sailing in the Bahamas and now dogsledding. He was born Andrew but took back his childhood nickname on the Appalachian Trail, whose 2,174 miles he hiked.

"'I was reborn on that trail,' he says. 'Bouie represents the kind of life I want to live.'"

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