Thursday, March 13, 2008

Plans to Hike the A.T. and Thensome

An article titled "Worldwide walk begins on NGCSU campus" by Matt Aiken in the 12 March 2008 Dahlonega Nugget describes the beginning of Daren Wendell's hike on 8 March. Wendell aims on hiking around the world. In seven years. To "raise awareness for Blood:Water Mission-a charitable organization that works to provide clean blood to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, and to build clean water wells in the region."

But, first, the Appalachian Trail. It's how he aims on getting toward Nova Scotia. From there, he'll fly to Portugal and "hike in a northeastern direction through Europe. This will take him through China and then Russia. He's hoping to find host families along the way that will provide him with shelter."

Oh yeah, the obligatory web site link (on which he reports that he heard that "150 thru-hikers left Amacalola Falls on March 16th." Remind me not to start in the middle of March.)

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