Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Burglar Used A.T. for Getaway But Got Caught Anyway

It's an article titled "Burglaries on the Decline in the United States" by Laura Sullivan on the National Public Radio web site that says it was broadcast on the evening news show 'All Things Considered' on 11 March 2008. In it, the reporter says
"Two years ago, Steve Southworth, a private police investigator for the Wintergreen Resort in central Virginia, spent six months tracking the movements of a burglar who traveled along the Appalachian trail.

"'He came in off the trail, which runs really close to Wintergreen. In the course of two days, [he] ended up breaking into four homes,' Southworth says.

"Southworth says he stayed in constant contact with the burglar's family and intercepted an e-mail he sent. 'Through some things that were said on the Internet, we were able to zero in on him a little closer,' he says.

"Southworth ended up catching him in Macon, Ga."
Okay, then, who says there's no such thing as bad publicity?

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