Monday, March 03, 2008

L.L. Bean Awards the Trail's Dave Field

The 'Cabin Country' column by Dyke Hendrickson on under the headline "L.L. Bean's Three Heroes of the Outdoors" and the date 1 March 2008 describes L.L. Bean's initial Outdoor Heroes Awards.

One of the three is Dave Field. Unfortunately, I'm a little confused over his affiliation. Hendrickson first says,
"Dave Field, a supervisor with the Appalachian Trail Club of Maine"
and then, that
"Dave Field has been helping to clear trails for the Appalachian Mountain Club for more than five decades. Much of his work has been in the Saddleback area, and he was honored for his achievements in conservation and trail maintenance."
Which isn't to say that he couldn't be a member of both the MATC and the AMC. Either way, it's great when volunteers get recognized for their efforts. And 'more than five decades' or trail work?!? Wow!

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