Saturday, March 01, 2008

Editorial Supports Pennsylvania H.B. 1281

The Pocono Record has an editorial in its 29 February 2008 issue titled "Help protect historic Appalachian Trail from development blight" which speaks a strong word (several of them, actually) in favor of Pennsylvania H.B. 1281. This bill, passed by the Pennsylvania house and now waiting for action by its Senate,
"would amend the Appalachian Trail Act by calling on host municipalities to adopt and implement zoning and land development ordinances that would protect the trail. It would extend protection beyond the immediate environs of the trail to include neighboring tracts and viewscapes along the trail corridor."
The bill was writen in the wake of the Alpine Rose race track proposed for Eldred Township, Monroe County, PA. If you're from Pennsylvania, write your state senator in Harrisburg.

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