Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More Support for Pennsylvania Protection

The Harrisburg (Pa.) Patriot-News weighs in on 3 March 2008 on the side of Trail protection by editorializing in favor of the Pennsylvania bill before the senate there. Under the headline "Zoning would give added protection to asset for its 229-mile path through Pennsylvania" they say that "Bipartisan House Bill 1281, which has been approved by the state House and is nearing action in the state Senate" should be passed and signed into law.
"The Appalachian Trail is a special place, one almost entirely tended to by volunteers, that allows the public to 'get away' from the hubbub of modern life for a few hours or a few months. But it will only remain special to the extent it is protected from development and activities that would destroy the trail's tranquillity."
And we can thank the racetrack in Eldred township, right along the Trail, for revealing the need for this legislation.

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