Sunday, December 16, 2007

Skurka Keeps Hiking After 2002 A.T.

The Providence (RI) Journal of 16 December 2007 has an article by Meaghan Wims titled "A walk in the West" that describes a recent long distance hike by Andrew Skurka. He spent seven months hiking 6,875 miles on "The Great Western Loop" from the Grand Canyon north to Oregon and back south again, crossing through 12 national parks.
"Andrew Skurka wasn’t always an accomplished hiker. Though he was a standout long-distance runner at Seekonk High School, Skurka never seriously hiked until he completed the Appalachian Trail in 2002 in 95 days, with a 49-pound pack and not a clue what he was doing."
And now he's covered a lot more miles, including "the never-before-accomplished 7,800-mile Sea-to-Sea Route, from Montreal to the Pacific Ocean, [He] decided he’d be the first to tackle it once he graduated from college [and] finished the route in 2005, in 11 months."

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