Monday, December 17, 2007

Brady and Stachurski Thru-hike

The Walton Tribune (from Monroe, GA) dated 16 December 2007 has an article by Stephen Milligan recording the completed Appalachian Trail thru-hike by local resident Clay Brady. It's titled "Local man hits Appalachian Trail."

Brady and "college roommate Jason Stachurski, decided to walk the trail while still enrolled at LaGrange College". They graduated in May 2006, and started hiking on 4 March 2007. They completed their hike in October of this year, having spent "almost eight months" getting from Georgia to Maine.
"Toward the end of the trip, Brady and Stachurski had joined into sort of a loose group of nine hikers. 'We called it the Maine train,' Brady said."
And now, according to the article, Brady is thinking of hiking it again.

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