Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pennsylvania House Passes Protection Bill

The 13 December 2007 issue of the Pocono Record has an article titled "Bill to protect Appalachian Trail in Pa. approved in House" in it. I know, I know ... you thought the Trail actually was already protected. But,
"'State law enacted in 1978 requires municipalities that border the trail to protect it as a state scenic, historic and esthetic treasure, but municipalities were not required to enact ordinances to do so,' said [Bob] Freeman, D-Northampton. 'My legislation would make sure the Appalachian Trail is appropriately protected from development that could detract from the trail’s natural beauty.'"
I'm not sure what the difference is between requiring protection on the one hand and requiring an ordinance to protect. Especially since the article doesn't say that the municipalities are going to be required to enforce their ordinances. Maybe that will be in the law passed in another 30 years.

Pennsylvania, you'll remember, is home of Eldred Township where the Alpine Rose race track wants to add auto racing noise and fumes to your hiking experience.

"The legislation (H.B. 1281) now heads to the Senate for consideration." Write your state senator!

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