Friday, February 23, 2007

Trail Story Illustrates Economics Point

D.R. Barton Jr. has an article headlined "Four signs we're close to a market top" in the 21 February 2007 issue of the online Money Week.

His opening attention grabber comes from an AT hike:

"It's one of the most disturbing sounds I've ever heard...

"I was hiking on the Appalachian Trail in my native state of Virginia and heard a rapid rattle in the leaves. It was the unmistakable raspy sound of a rattlesnake's tail.

"My friend and I froze. I slowly looked in the direction of the sound and saw the brown diamond pattern. A rattlesnake usually signals this way when it fears an attack and is warning that it will take action to protect itself. So while it didn't definitely mean we were going to get hurt, it did mean that we needed to be on heightened alert before proceeding. But knowing we were a safe distance from snake, we gave it a wide berth and continued along the trail."

The AT comes to the rescue again when a writer is searching for a life illustration.

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