Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cummings Supports Wind Farm Rejection

The Maine Sunday Telegram of 11 February 2007 has a piece by Bob Cummings titled "Beauty of Trail Rightly Protected." Cummings supports the rejection of the Redington wind farm.

As a board member of the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, Cummings writes with authority when he explains that "The Maine Appalachian Trail Club also is not opposed to wind energy. Members voted just this month not to oppose the Kibby Mountain wind power proposal, though this project also would be visible from the trail. Why? Members recognized, rightly, that there is a vast difference between an in-your-face industrial development on ridges abutting the narrow trail corridor, and proposals involving distant ridges."

This one, however, was different. "It's hard to imagine a site more in violation of the clear language of the statute."

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