Thursday, February 15, 2007

Maine Windfarm Opposition and Support

So the discussion continues, of course. In the 14 February 2007 issue of there's an post by Carey Kish that agrees with the LURC decision to reject the Redington windfarm. It's titled "Throwing Kibby Mountain Under the Bus."

BUT, Kish also takes the Maine Appalachian Trail Club et al. to task for backing windfarm plans at other wild sites, particularly in this case Kibby Mountain.

What's the deal? Kish quotes from the AMC Maine Mountain Guide that calls Kibby a "remote mountain ... in the heart of the wilderness area" and then continues,

"So, I’m curious: Why would the well-intentioned folks at the MATC think that wind power is not okay at Redington, but that Kibby can be sacrificed? With all due respect, that smacks disappointingly of its own sort of NIMBYism, don’t you think?

"We don’t want wind power ruining our view from the AT, but just up the way we don’t mind if somebody else’s view, somebody else’s favorite mountain, gets marred by development.

"It doesn’t jibe. We need to be more consistent."

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