Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fontana Village Hiker Festival Planned

Fontana's folks are planning a hiker/kayaker festival for April, according to the Union Sentinel from Blairsville, GA dated 22 February 2007. The headline is about another event ("Saturday night is Western Night at Peacock Playhouse"), but the end of the column mentions the new festival.

Here's what the piece says:

"Hi-Yak: Another Dam Festival on April 12 - 17 to be held at Fontana Village Resort, Fontana Dam, NC

"This will be Fontana Village Resort's first festival for hikers and kayakers. April is the busiest season for north bound thru hiker of the Appalachian Trail, and that same weekend is the release of the Cheoah River. There will be plenty to do and see! We will have trail maintenance days with the Smoky Mountain Hiking Club and Benton MacKaye Trail Association shuttles to and from the village to the river, bands, outdoor companies, speakers, camping, and much more."

Well, there you go.

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