Friday, February 29, 2008

Kids to be Hiking on the A.T. in May

Caroline Monday's article "Mountain Pathways and the Appalachian Trail; Students learn to take a hike" appeared in the 28 February 2006 Boone, NC Mountain Times. It relates that
"students of Mountain Pathways School’s seven through 12-year-old class took a hike last Thursday as part of their curriculum teaching about the environment and sustainable living."
The big deal is that this is their
"second hike taken in preparation for a two-day trip on the Appalachian Trail, teacher Kristy Weston said. The class will be experiencing the Appalachian Trail for its end-of-year trip later this spring."
The 2 day A.T. hike comes in May, when the students will be able to exhibit how well they learned their Leave No Trace lessons.

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