Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Appalachian Trail Only Part of His Plan

An unsigned piece on the Dallas-Fort Worth channel 4 Fox tv news website created on 18 February 2008 is titled "4 Your Health - Hiking For Gilda's Club." It describes the goal of one John Robb, described as a "a beat-up 48-year-old, who's had numerous surgeries on his knees, shoulders and neck" and has diabetes. Robb is off on a fund-raising hike. He's planning on starting at Springer and heading to Kathadin, finishing "around the first of October."

Then the fun continues. Robb has in mind hiking all 8 of the National Scenic Trails, and being "the first guy to do it all for charity." He's intent on raising money "for Gilda's Club North Texas---a refuge for cancer patients and their families."

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Anonymous said...

I am a diabetic who has a line item on my "bucket list" to do a thru hike of the AT. I have not logistically been able to plan my dietary and med supply thruout the hike and wondered how Rob planned for his trip. I am interested in following his progress and technology used in your reporting.