Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mike Martone Thru-hikes to Katahdin

The Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle of 25 October 2007 has a Kevin Oklobzija article titled "Nonhiker from Greece takes on 2,174-mile trek." That's "Greece" as in "Greece, New York."

The successful thru-hiker under discussion is retiree Mike Martone. The article tells how he was inspired to take on the Appalachian Trail by reading the online hiking notes of a fellow Eastman Kodak employee who was given a leave of absence to thru-hike. Martone apparently inspired other people along the way:
"Turns out Martone was the voice of inspiration for a lot of folks on the trail. A fellow hiker, 'Uncle Tom' as he called himself in his Web journal, described Martone as, 'the ultimate AT champion.'"
Lots of good description in the article about animals and life on the Trail.

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